Vinyl flooring has been in vogue for decades. In fact, there are areas where vinyl based tiles and sheets have little or no competition. This includes sports / games enclosures, certain sections of hospitals and education centres. It is also a perfect option for homes and offices, especially as a cost effective solution. Vinyl based flooring offers several benefits. One of them is sound absorption.

So, how does vinyl flooring reduce noise?

Most of the vinyl based flooring has an underlayment also called backing which is made from softer material. Unlike floorings such as those laid with hardwood or regular tiles which reflect sound waves, vinyl absorbs a large part of these unwanted acoustic disturbances thereby reducing sound transmission. Of course, sound dampening can be achieved through dedicated mediums and materials. However, these options are quite pricey and therefore dent the pockets of home owners and commercial property owners. Additionally, vinyl also offers unmatched comfort and great style.

Vinyl Flooring in Offices –

Office flooring endures heavy foot traffic, abrasion and frequent episodes of falling objects. In such a scenario, sounds ricocheting from these actions can be quite detrimental to the overall ambience. Vinyl flooring offers not just attractive designs and colours but also –

  1. Minimises distraction by absorbing sounds arising from multiple sources.
  2. Sound absorption reduces distraction which in turn increases productivity.
  3. Greater clarity in communication. With vinyl, most of the unwanted sounds are neutralized thereby providing a silent ambience which is conducive to improved communication.

Vinyl flooring can improve the privacy of standalone office sections to a great extent in tandem with sound dampening cushions installed in the walls and ceiling. These sections are 100% soundproof preventing outside sounds from seeping in and also suppressing human induced internal noise.

Vinyl Flooring in Homes –

    • Sleep and Leisure – 

    Home is one place which is synonymous with leisure, relaxation. It is a place to recoup spent energies, unwind and get a good, long sleep. This can be quite challenging in homes with kids and pets running around or movement of young adults. Vinyl flooring provides that cushion to supress sounds emanating from these sources. It is available in assorted patterns, themes and colours and therefore you don’t have to compromise in terms of “Style“.

    • Underfoot Comfort

    The soft backing of vinyl flooring not only dampens sound but also offers fantastic underfoot luxury. It is therefore a perfect choice for homes, especially those with elders and kids. Vinyl is easy on heels, ankles and neutralizes cuts / bruises in case someone falls. Comfort and sound dampening can be improved further by exploiting additional soundproofing underlayment during installation.

    • Property Value –

    One of the important selling points when it comes to selling homes is looks. It has a direct impact on the resale value. Homes with vinyl flooring tend to fetch better price than those without. The reason is obvious. The buyer realizes the benefits of such a property in terms of not just aesthetics but also in terms of style and reduced sound.

    Conclusion –

    Hard floorings tend to reflect / amplify sound waves produced by falling objects and even walking. It can reverberate and thereby create unnecessary distraction / irritation. Although rugs and carpets are great sound dampeners it is simply not feasible or practical to lay them out across homes and offices. On the other hand, vinyl flooring and its subsets such as SPC and LVT are known for sound suppression, comfort and elegance, and enhance property value too. Connect with Responsive Industries for a free quote or related queries.

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